News: May 2021

Stuco AirTubeless

Safety shoes with Stuco AirTubeless soles offer a completely new feeling of cushioning. Experience the pure comfort now - you will be thrilled!

The most natural and softest cushioning since safety footwear was invented.

Our unique Stuco AirTubeless sole offers you many advantages:

  • Up to 30% less pressure on the sole of the foot. This results in a smoother gait and potential joint protection.
  • AirTubeless is easy on your back and can prevent back pain.
  • Reduces tread forces by up to 55%, increasing your comfort.
  • AirTubeless provide up to 50% more thermal insulation than traditional outsoles
  • Oil and petrol resistant
  • High slip resistance (SRC)
  • Heat resistant up to 300°C

Shoes with Stuco AirTubeless soles


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