Item number: 512310.00

Progressive reading glasses UniVaria ProClean

€ 99,00 excl. VAT

With our ready-to-wear progressive reading glasses UniVaria ProClaen and Eco we solve the problem of our arms not being long enough and offer and offer viewing comfort in HD quality for the reading range. The progressive design specially developed for this purpose with around 27,000 calculation points provides a smooth transition from the corrected reading range to the uncorrected long range. That is how you do away with changing reading glasses and safety eyewear. With UniVaria ProClean and Eco you have safety eyewear that also helps you to read at close range. Available in the reading viewing strengths: +1.50 / +2.00 / +2.50


PRO+ The Top Finishing Package consists of the hard coating, super anti-reflection coating and the cleaning coating. So in return you get the best all-round protection and a long service life. The lenses are extremely hard, non-reflective and easy to clean.


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