asa-control BASIC

asa-control BASIC is the ideal entry-level tool for smaller companies taking their first steps in the implementation and documentation of statutory occupational health and safety requirements. Regardless of whether on your PC, tablet or smartphone, asa-control is always accessible and ready for use. Further expansions up to a certified model solution (asa-control BASIC M or asa-control PRO M) are always possible.

Functions & Content


Intuitive, interactive operation

self-explanatory with integrated video tutorials.


1 Admin / User

The application is licensed to a single user. There is also the option to add additional locations.


Maintenance Basic

Planning and documentation for the maintenance of your systems and equipment.


10-Point FCOS

The content is based on the 10 elements of the ASA concept for occupational health and safety.

Training Basic

Conduct easy safety-relevant basic training and instruction, and the documentation of these measures.



The application is web-based and the data is stored on a highly secured server in Switzerland.


Documents, Consulting, Audits

The base content comes from the AEH Center for Occupational Medicine, Ergonomics and Hygiene (AEH Zentrum für Arbeitsmedizin, Ergonomie und Hygiene AG). Specialized consulting, training courses, audits, etc. may be requested online at